Hey! So this is me; I was born in July of 1979 in Central Pennsylvania. After growing up in Cincinnati and Atlanta, I moved to Illinois to marry my college sweetheart. Northern Illinois is where my wife and I call home and raise our four children.

I spent ten years enjoying the adventurous and dangerous full-time job of a miner. It is deep within those dark caverns where I absorbed the inspiration for my first novella, The Chalice of Pearls. Since then, I have begun a career in management at a large crushed stone operation. While I'm working on my next two novels, I love to create my own blend of riddles called Brain Blisters, which have a sweltering degree of difficulty that only a select few have survived.

I'm a father, a husband, a brother, an employee, a boss, a handyman, a writer, a friend, an enemy, a leader, a visionary, a church elder, a follower of Jesus, a coach, a mentor, a mentee, and a concoction of more. While this place is not necessarily about me, the things I like to write about are a reflection of my experiences and are influenced by everything about me, from my failures and inadequacies to successes and joy that follow.

In addition to some of the things I write, I have also enjoyed getting to know a very peculiar friend over the years and reading the accounts he is putting together. Since his physical limitations are quite bizarre, I've offered to help him post his collection of happenings onto the blog feed on my page.  

Current writing projects can be found at the Books link.