How I Beat Failure

Never Fail

If you're like me, you have at some point in your life had a new idea that could change the world or put your stamp on it. However, if you're too much like me, you have probably also done naked cliff diving or wished you were already 60. I'm 35. It's probably neither of the latter. To spare you images that would scar you for life I'll stick with following up with the first example, having those new ideas and putting your stamp on the world. I'm one of those people notorious for having a new idea to patent or business idea that would revolutionize society. I've never been successful with any of them. Would you like to know what some of them were? Let's see:

  • Patenting black rims (before black rims were a thing).
  • A self-employed horticulturist.
  • A big time voice-over artist (like the "In a world..." guy).
  • Owning a landscaping business.
  • Designing a new pistol concept.
  • A website that puts blogger's posts to audio.
  • Creating a new sport.

My whole life I've been this way. My whole life I've never followed through, successfully, on these or other ideas. Some of the ventures got off the ground while others were a passing dream. My wife graciously listened to rambles that faded with time, only to be replaced with new ones later.

The thing that used to plague me the most was fear. I've always been this way. As I recently told a friend on the phone, I wasn't afraid of failure; I was afraid that people would think of me as a failure. There is a difference between the two. On one hand I was fearing how people view me; on the other I didn't let fear stop me. That's a crazy mix of emotions if you've ever felt it.

Obviously we can never really eliminating that noun, failure, from our life wholly. Like I wrote earlier, I'm assuming the lot of you have gone through a phase where you can identify with me. But my encouragement comes here; failed ideas and fruitless pursuits are, in their own ways, beneficial and efficient to this complex society of ours. Not just our society, but our own personal lives. I don't want to make this post about the many successful genius' of our time who have failed countless attempts. This is about how the attitude applies to you and me. What I used to think was a curse over me is one of the most blessed and fruitful gifts we've been given. Imagination.

If we stop, we fail. So continue those "seemingly" fruitless endeavors. As Robert Schuller said, "I'd rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed."

As a new writer I've made a decision to latch onto this wild imagination. Or should I put it another way? Knowing I have one of those crazy imaginations, I've made a decision to be a writer. Writing is my outlet; it is mine to do with what I wish, and I wish to be fulfilled through it. Through so many failed ideas and attempted ventures, I've landed squarely where I belong. Without the filter of failure, I never would have found myself spilling the imaginative guts of my mind into a story.

As with everything I do, and from everywhere I've come, it is from Him.

Colossians 3:17