The Ternary Code Introduction

This post is the official announcement for the beginning of my newest adventure, The Ternary Code. I call it an adventure because that’s exactly what it is. Adventures are planned. Adventures are spontaneous, sometimes. But an adventure is, at its core, a series of moments that expose you to highly rewarded risks. They can change you, mold you, make you fail, and make you bleed. But with the risk comes greater opportunity for growth. So, I invite you into this new adventure, to partake in it with me. I will begin by telling you what I’ve done, then what I am doing, and finally, what I will do when this story is finished.

This serialized story began as a short story of a self-aware robot named Mercury. Mercury was originally a male bot, but with the evolution of the storyline, Mercury was changed to a female bot for reasons you are not yet allowed to know.

The way this entire story was written is very unconventional for writers. It was not written, but spoken. The plan was to get this short story finished very quickly and offer it for free. So I wanted to record myself speaking the story into existence while doing other things. As I did so, an opportunity (adventure) presented itself and gave birth to a story, unplanned. So I kept on speaking, kept on recording, until I had forty-nine hours of audio to dig through!

The original short story was modified to be the prologue for a novel, which became the next plan. But it changed (adventure). Instead of a novel, my impatience got the better of me, and I decided to offer the entire story sequentially, as I transcribe all of that audio. The byproduct of the transcribed audio is what you will be reading in the subsequent blog posts. I must be honest, however, and say that much re-writing will be done between the transcribed text and the final post.

Speaking of a final post, is anything final (adventure)? These posts will become a complete novel, but most likely improved upon. See … I will be posting these blogs without the assistance of an editor. So, there will be mistakes, perminint ones. (See what I did there?) This allows me to truly enjoy my writing for what it is—raw. And it also allows you, as the reader, to take part in talking about what you like and don’t like, as it goes along. This sci-fi thriller is fully established in its content and plot; you won’t be able change the story, but I welcome you into the process and encourage you to take part. And, yes, before the novel is released, editors will have thoroughly scrubbed it.

Now, a very brief synopsis:

The Ternary Code follows the events of several robots and their lives. Humans have been extinct for many hundreds of years, however, the bots have enjoyed remaining in humanoid form; it is the most productive form. Gently intertwined into each of their software, there exists the presence of a special code that even they do not fully understand, as complex and advanced as they are.

When new robots are manufactured, they experience their own form of birth. But at the core of The Ternary Code, no bot can experience self-aware cognition without first being programmed and powered on. So, why did Swaney?

The first installment posts on July 10th. Why isn't your calendar cleared already?