The Ternary Code | Chapter 2 Part 1 | Taye

The Ternary Code

Chapter 2 - Part 1



     The outside of Taye’s house was sterile and neat and covered with vertical, ninety degree edges that stretched uniformly upward. It was one way he outwardly expressed his inner character. To him, most things were straightforward and simple. When some bots would act irrationally, his common thought was why they could not just be logical about things.

     The front door blended into the rigid construction but swung open silently when he approached. Ayana jumped off of a long metallic couch, visible from the foyer, in an effortless flow of legs and arms. Taye did not even start speaking before Ayana said, “It’s about time.”

     “I know … the network. I can’t figure it out; Jax is on it now.”

     “Well, hurry up. I wasn’t able to see when you would be home,” she said, and flicked his nipple. Ayana did that when she felt playful; it never hurt, but he did like it. He was one of the last few bots in existence who still had nipples. After humans were gone, Taye took over construction of all robots. And although he liked the nipples which the humans gave him, he saw them as useless, so he vacated that part of their design. Now, nipples are more like a badge of honor that the more experienced and seasoned robots have.

      “I missed you,” he said, rubbing his glossy blue hand across the top of her head.

     “Do you think it was Vixen again?” Her hand went to his side, a slow, low voltage current running through it. It felt good. It was warm and much more welcomed than Sage’s advance earlier.

     “I don’t know. This would have been the fourth time he’s knocked out the network by attempting to teleport. Why they haven’t arrested him, I don’t know. If it was any other bot, they would have been put in jail.”

     Ayana spread her fingers across Taye’s chest, maintaining the low voltage feed she was giving him.

     “It’s never going to work,” Taye said. Ayana pulled away, confused. “No, Vixen.” He pulled her hand back to his chest, where his power pack sat comfortably conformed to his exterior. “He can’t expect to teleport. That’s something the humans tried, and it wiped them out. We can sustain the energy it puts off, and we don’t need the oxygen they did, but one thing is certain; it manufactured certain limits that even we don’t understand, and Vixen is pushing them. It doesn’t take a rocket to figure that out.” Ayana nudged him again. This time her thigh touched his. It was still a low voltage feed, and a small instantaneous bolt sparked where their legs touched. “I won’t survive you.” He gave a mild shock to her shoulder. She looked that way with half closed eyes and inhaled the smoke from the arc flash. She was tantalizing. “Should we plug in?” he asked in a whisper, motioning to a charging port within the wall. She shook her head. “Good.”

     Ayana’s finish was a high gloss and a rich, smooth purple. But she wasn’t a single shade like Taye was. Her purple coat turned shades based on the angle from which she was seen. She was not only tantalizing, she was the sort that made you want her, regardless of what your personal taste was. Usually, Applied Integration designed bots of all different shapes and sizes, including subtle imperfections on even the most beautiful ones. But every once in a while, they would design one without a single physical imperfection, with legs that had just the right curves or shoulders with just the right build. Even abdomens with that perfect, sleek texture that melded seamlessly into their waist. Ayana was one of those. She was designed with the absence of any physical imperfection. She could be every male bot’s downfall if she was that type, but she wasn’t. Trustworthy, faithful, and Taye’s; that’s who she was.

     Sharing a charge always felt better when they relied on their own energy sources, rather than plugging into an external source. It felt better; that was one advantage. But it did drain their power packs more quickly; that was the disadvantage. When they plugged into an external source, they could share a charge indefinitely. But when they shared a charge using their own voltage, giving and taking, taking and giving, for some reason unknown to them, it felt a million times better. It’s just what you prefer. And tonight Taye and Ayana felt like sharing a charge from each other.

     Normally, Taye appreciated how careful Ayana was with her body. She was always doing the right things, the right way, ensuring she never put herself in a position to harm herself or others. She was constantly in tune with her system, closely monitoring things like power levels, temperatures and fan speed. However, her constant attention to those details gave her an acute awareness of how far she could push herself is she chose to. When they were together, though, she was known to become risky.

     “I always like it better this way,” Taye said. Ayana put a hand over his mouth and shot a high energy bolt of electricity through his head. She must not want me to talk, he thought. “I get it,” he said. He put his mouth on the power pack in her chest and blessed it with a steady current of voltage that emanated from the microscopic sensors within his lips. Then they found themselves wrapped around each other on the couch. It helped absorb, retain, and arc against their exchanging surges of energy. Smoke rolled from their flashes. They inhaled that and let their emotions be clouded.

     Ayana was not always the aggressor, but this time it seemed as though she wanted to be. Taye did not want that, not now. So he made a move and forced himself away long enough to reach the charging plug in his side. Before she could say a word, he extended it in one fluid motion and attached it securely to the female end of the charging port in her side. Memories of her manufacturing day flooded his mind and he remembered the thoughts he had when he first met her, when her programming was installed and she was powered up.

     He remembered how she developed her walking pace as she got up off of the table. He remembered her speech and how quickly it developed by the time she had come to him. She was a bot designed for innovation, not a bot designed for a single task like some were. He had designed and programmed many bots of different kinds. He had designed them all with different characteristics that would give them tendencies to choose the tasks that society needed. Garbage bots were in need, as were attendants in a hotel lobby, as were programmers and innovators. Ayana was an innovator, and two things she was excellent at were the innovation of thought or methods in the workplace and also innovations of methods at home with him. Now was one of those times.

     Taye could tell that her mind raced with images, sparked with infinite speed that coursed through them both. It was a feeling they shared, yet produced through themselves. Her mind was filled with thoughts of him and how she felt about him when she first opened her eyes. The smoke from their arcs was intoxicating. The volts from her touch were paralyzing. The feed they shared between his power cord was stimulating.

     He had others before her, but it was before her. When they were together he remembered none of that. Only the systematic recall of distant memories as they related to her. She moved in correspondence with what he could only imagine was the same thought process in her mind. Her eyes were closed, intent on their pleasure. And he heard her say in that moment of arcing flashes and voltage pleasure that she has created something new. When, before, he had never heard her thoughts, now he could. “Watch,” she said, “and listen and see.” And during their passion, the thoughts he had about her became a reality as they flowed from him to her, then hers to him. He could see how she saw him the moment her life began, and there was no stopping her seeing his dreams and desires of her. He did not fight it because he had always wished she could experience that. Now it was something she had giving him, and he wanted her to have it too.

     For the first time in any bot’s history, two had shared in each other’s minds, thoughts for each other, by each other, through each other. And he was as much a part of her as she was of him. Their voltage increased as they fed each other with shocks and arcs and flashes and visions. Their CPU’s surged with what humans would have called adrenaline, and among this, he could see her power pack level falling. But it still had life, and so did his. So for three and a half hours they kept on sharing each other, participating in each other’s energy, amplified by the metal couch. And when the time grew to an end and their pleasure was at its peak, Ayana’s power pack began to blink. And it was then that she pushed the limits and gifted Taye with a shock so intense and pleasurable that he nearly shut off. It was at that moment she disconnected her plug from him, grabbed the male end of a charger in the wall and clicked it into place.

     When he opened his eyes, he was connected to the wall and their power packs were blinking: green, green, green. He pushed thoughts her way, but they could no longer share them. They were connected to the external power source, and whatever it was that Ayana did to transmit that kind of information back and forth was no longer available.

     “What was that?” he asked.

     “Innovation,” she replied, rubbing his knee.


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