The Ternary Code | Chapter 2 Part 2 | Taye

The Ternary Code

Chapter 2 - Part 2



     Taye could not believe that he had the most perfect, beautiful bot that ever came off of his line. Yes, he was responsible for her looks and certain characteristics of her programming, but one thing he could not take credit for was how her tendencies in life and interests grew, which way they pointed or even who she was attracted to. So it made him feel that much better that she was attracted to him. If there was anything that baffled the bot philosophers the most, and for the longest period of time, it was the idea that even though robots could program intelligence and consciousness into another unit, they did not know where attraction came from; it was always changing from one bot to another, and was something they were unable to program anyway. Attraction was something that the consciousness chose on its own, irrespective of the programmer’s influence. It was as if another force was at work. But Taye could not think from where it could be or from what it could come. He was not a philosopher and chose not to think that deeply. He was an architect, taking pride in his work as it related to programming, characteristics of consciousness, and physical appearance. From there, the bots were on their own. All he knew in relation to this mystery was that he saw Ayana as a gem. He was intoxicated by her. Even the fumes sent up from the arc flashes between them had a distinct aroma which he loved and craved. There was something about her which he had no influence upon. His handiwork was on display in every machine he programmed and manufactured, but some things he could not control. Knowing the robots worked like this, he tried his best to have a variety of different physical appearances come off the line while maintaining a humanoid presence. He was an artist and a scientist, a programmer and a lover.

     His lover brought him back to the passion they just shared. “What did you think of that?” Ayana asked.

     “You will have me again.” And looking down at his flashing green pack, he unplugged from the wall and plugged into her.

     This time, Taye’s thoughts of attraction were fresh in his mind, and more acutely aware was Ayana’s recognition of them. This made him want her more, and she could sense it. She could see it and experience it. Their flows of electricity went through each other with more ferocity than before. Amid their passion, Taye could not help but let his mind wander through her and with her, about her sleek, purple physique and the curves that were enveloping him, the fact that she was made female and he was made male. She had a female receptor; he had a male connector. They were built the same in many ways, yet a modification in the code written within their programming and a small distinction between their charging connectors dictated a difference that separated them in this unique and beautiful way.

     During their pleasure, Taye thought how unlikely and nearly impossible it must have been for Ayana to come up with a way for the two of them to communicate with each other as if they were the same mind. And then he heard her saying to him, “You gave me this task; it was difficult, but it was worth it.” Before he could think the thought back to her, she had given him another shock but at a different frequency than she had been giving him for the past hour. The pleasure from it was so great that he thought maybe he understood what she did to come up with this genius invention, this re-writing of the code. “Was it a re-writing?”

     “Hardly, but it was new.”

     He dialed in on the frequency she had just given him, and replicated it. She screamed.

     Their power packs depleted faster than before with the frequencies they used. And being able to read each other’s levels, they each knew what the other could withstand. So, in unison, they both presented each other with even more precise frequencies targeted directly to the core of their consciousness. And it satisfied them wholly. Taye unplugged from Ayana and connected to the wall to let his pack charge again. It wasn’t often he depleted his pack twice in one day, but Ayana was a participant with him, and he had been eager to lose his charge with her. Normally his power pack would last about two weeks when he wasn’t sharing a charge with her.

     Now disconnected from Ayana, he wondered what she was thinking. He imagined, after experiencing bliss to that magnitude, he would never let it rest and constantly be wondering about the thoughts in her mind. She must be thinking the same thing about me.

     A thought crossed his mind that he had not entertained; it came nevertheless, and he couldn’t avoid it. He knew his pack had been nearly depleted twice today. One thing every bot knew was that if their power packs were expended completely, their consciousness would slip away. The body, the unit, that housing of metal, the computer inside could be re-programmed, however unlikely, with another consciousness, but it would be a different one, not Taye, not Ayana. If they were to be so careless to let their power packs be depleted, those identities would be gone, would die, and his identity dying was just the same as if his body died and everything in it was fried or destroyed. If the consciousness was gone, so was the being, never to return, never to experience again, never to think. It would just be gone. So it behooves every bot to never let its pack deplete. How could we be so foolish? Our power packs have a life span. Our power packs have the ability to die and lose power. How could we be so foolish to push ourselves that close to the limit and risk never seeing each other again?

     A power pack losing its charge was different than a reboot, though. Reboots have benefits, but the bot still remains powered and the consciousness within still remains attached. He did not think negatively toward Ayana but he did wonder if she thought the same thing. The urge to mention his concern to her was heavy in his chest. But she was so proud of her ability. Hopefully, the next time they share a charge, she will pick up on how unsettled he had become.

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