The Chalice of Pearls

The first dwarves, ancient and restless, give fealty to their god, Rhuthlak. Five of them struggle in their own unique way, contributing their skills to the success of the Edgedrop mine and the continuance of youth sustained by the Chalice of Pearls. A stubborn mine master comes to a realization that some mysterious scroll keepers may be worth listening to. A stone harvester discovers a new secret about the enchanted stones he has been collecting for years. A single mother races to a neighboring colony to save the Edgedrop mine from certain disaster. A team of rescue dwarves fight for the lives of their companions after a collapse, and begin to question their god. The current mine master’s protégé wrestles against his meek character and finds out he may have what it takes to lead after all.

During a time before dwarves were bred for war, and mining was all they knew, their lust for youthfulness and fear of dragons turned into what defines them today.

With a background of mining experience, I thought it would be fun to delve into the personal lives of one of the most well loved fantasy races, dwarves, and incorporate some real world experience into the land of Getallumane. This work is an accompanying piece to The Bridges of Crea, a novel series in its beginning phase.

The Ternary Code

The original plan for The Ternary Code was to release it as a novel. However, I like to think outside the box; The Ternary Code is a project currently underway, being released incrementally as its first draft on my blog feed.

This would technically be classified as post-apocalyptic sci-fi; it takes place after earth is devoid of all known humans. The atmosphere has been sucked away, leaving something else to live in the barren heat. For a full description, just migrate over to the Introduction page.


The Primitive


When I think about the different projects in the pipe, this one takes the cake. The first draft for this novel is finished! It is low fantasy, and set in the modern world. The only thing holding me back from working on it further is my delivery method. The Primitive will also be released serially on my blog, like The Ternary Code. Between each of the characters I've written or am working on, I have fallen in love with the main character of The Primitive more than any other. Suffice it to say, I can not wait to begin sharing this story!


The Bridges of Crea

Lock and Key

The Bridges of Crea series is in the fantasy genre, includes a new fantasy world, and does not have magic, at least not what you're used to.

The dwarves from The Chalice of Pearls are only a small element of the story, as it includes an array of races and creatures.